Lead Paint Inspection

Lead Paint Inspection

AAI Tesing is a lead paint testing company that provides local lead based paint testing services throughout Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, PA. Our lead based paint inspection team specializes in the identification and testing to provide the appropriate removal protocols.

Why a lead paint inspection is important?

Most industrial, commercial or residential buildings built before 1978 are known to contain lead based paint. A lead based paint inspection is recommended for paint, finishings and building materials. Lead poisoning is common when lead based items are exposed and inhaled via air molecules. Lead based paint testing is especially recommended for young children who may be exposed through activities such as crawling on the floor or when they put items exposed to lead dust in their mouths.

Legal concerns by not performing a lead based paint inspection

Work related lead exposure can lead to unsafe work conditions and employment lawsuits. Work sites should always have a lead paint inspection prior to the start of any work being performed to ensure a safe working environment. Failure to perform a lead paint inspection can result in fines, penalties and even a shutdown of the job site.

Why Aquafer Analytical Inc. does it better

AAI goes beyond what typically lead paint testing companies are willing to offer.

For lead based paint testing, AAI takes an inventory all painted surfaces. Samples of the paint are then tested by either a X-ray fluorescence (XRF) system or collected and sent to an EPA National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program laboratory. The report will identify which surfaces have lead-based paint.

AAI Testing

AAI Testing offers a wide variety of testing and inspection services including: Asbestos Testing, Lead Paint Inspection, Professional Mold Testing and Well Water Testing.

Service Areas

AAI Testing services areas in Western Pennsylvania including: Pittsburgh, Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, Butler County, Indiana County and more.


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